I thought I’d write my blog posts by what I found out in each particular town. The Bendigo Family History Group are located in the upper level of the Bendigo library and are extremely helpful to everyone coming in to ask questions.  As I was the only one asking for help (that day) I received help from several volunteers!

I’ve got lots of notes and records to compile when I get home.

Here is a picture which shows the Mining Engine Drivers 1884 to 1886.  My ancestors listed in this book are; Charles Robert Wigley, his son in law Thomas Tregear,  and Thomas’ brother John Tregear.  This information shows that Charles, Thomas and John were educated men and that they were mine engine drivers in the Bendigo area.  This confirms previous information I had about Charles and Thomas but is a completely new piece of information about John.

Mine Engine Drivers

I met a lady named Norma who told me that Charles Noah Wigley was her Sunday School teacher at Buckley St Methodist Church.  She also knew Ida May Tregear who also attended that church.


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