Library Hack

What is Libraryhack?
Libraryhack is a mashup and apps competition with great prizes designed to encourage the creative and innovative re-use of library data and digital content.
The competition is being run by the National, State and Territory libraries of Australia and New Zealand. (NSLA)
For the Libraryhack competition, participating libraries are making some of their collections and data freely available for anyone to mash up, remix and repurpose and create something new!
There are 4 competition categories to encourage people from a range of communities (developers, artists, digital content creators, historians, researchers and members of the public) to participate.

Why is NSLA holding a competition?
As libraries digitise their collections and make these collections available online, they are keen to expose these collections to new audiences.
This competition gives National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) the opportunity to collaborate with new communities of users and encourage them to use library content and other freely available data in inventive ways for research, creative or personal use.
This competition aims to generate new content which may be added to NSLA heritage collections or to develop tools to help with the creation of new content in the future.

I’ve entered the ideas competition with a Genealogy Mashup idea.  It hasn’t been published on the LibraryHack website yet but when it is I’ll put up a link to it.  Here’s a definition if you’re thinking what on earth is a Mashup?

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