5 Favourite Genealogy Websites & Random Acts Of Genealogical Kindness

I’m on the Aus Sagen mailing list, a South Australian genealogy mailing list.  List member Di Cummings set us the task of sending in our five favourite web links related to genealogy.  Well what a treasure trove of interesting, diverse and helpful websites we’ve received.  This has been so helpful I thought I’d share some here:

Random Acts Of Genealogical Kindness
RAOGK is a global volunteer organization. With over 4000 volunteers in every U.S. state and many international locations, we have helped thousands of researchers. Our volunteers take time to do everything from looking up courthouse records to taking pictures of tombstones. All they ask in return is reimbursement for their expenses (never their time) and a thank you.

Most of the volunteers are in the US but there are some for Australia and South Australia particularly!  I think this is a great idea and wouldn’t mind using the service as well as volunteering myself some time.

Victorian Government Gazettes 1836 to 1997
This online archive of historic government gazettes provides access to over 160 years of official information published in and about Victoria. It contains images of every relevant page in the Victoria Government Gazette produced since 1836, as well as searchable indexes for each publication.

It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at this one:
Adelaide Photos By Townsend Duryea

Australian Medical Pioneers Index

London Lives

London Lives makes available, in a fully digitised and searchable form, a wide range of primary sources about eighteenth-century London, with a particular focus on plebeian Londoners. This resource includes over 240,000 manuscript and printed pages from eight London archives and is supplemented by fifteen datasets created by other projects. It provides access to historical records containing over 3.35 million name instances. Facilities are provided to allow users to link together records relating to the same individual, and to compile biographies of the best documented individuals. 

Scottish Archive Network Internet Access To The Written History Of Scotland
The project aims to revolutionise access to Scotland’s archives by providing a single electronic catalogue to the holdings of more than 50 Scottish archives.
To preserve fragile historical records and improve their accessibility SCAN digitises records on a huge scale.


  1. Kylie Willison

    I'm going through the Victorian Government Gazettes right now then I'll move on to London Lives I think 🙂

  2. Barbara McNeill

    Hi from Victoria. My great grandfather John McNeill died 12 June 1882, possibly in Millicent SA. I have heard that he died at the old Mt Gambier Hospital. Do you have any contacts that could help me in tracing old medical records? Thanks!

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