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There has been quite a bit of speculation about William Henry Scadden, my great Grandfather, relating to the number of his marriages. I’ve found some information regarding this and am ‘putting it out there’ for everyone’s consideration. Did he have three or four wives? Comments are most welcome 🙂 Where I refer to William Henry Scadden my great grandfather I’ve put (GG) after his name to help avoid confusion.

William Henry Scadden (GG)
Birth: 15 Nov 1843 in Camborne, Cornwall, England
Death: 1920 in Modbury, South Australia, Australia

Parents: William Scadden and Jenifer Moon

William Henry Scadden (GG) married Frances Ann Jeffrey in Redruth, Cornwall in September 1863
Source: England & Wales Free BMD Marriage Index, Ref. 5 L 417

William Henry Jnr and Alfred John Scadden were born in Cornwall and the family came to South Australia 21 Mar 1866 on board the Trevelyan.
Source: South Australian Maritime Museum database.

Frances Ann and William Henry (GG) had eight more children together although only seven out of the total ten lived.
Source: Macbeth Software BDM CDs for South Australia

Frances Ann Scadden died in 1882 and is buried at the Houghton Cemetery.
Source: Gumeracha History Centre


On the South Australian BDM CDs there is a record of the following;

A William Scadden, aged 39, “son of William” marrying a Mary Anne Hague, aged 32, in Adelaide, on 3rd December 1881.

I’ve found the following newspaper articles from The Argus, Melbourne

The Argus 24 Jan 1866

There was a William Scadden, a bootmaker living in Victoria in January 1866. Our William Henry Scadden (GG) didn’t come to South Australia until March 1866.

The Argus 30 May 1877

I think that this may be the same William Scadden, bootmaker, still living in Victoria in 1877.

Said William Scadden and Mary Ann Hague come to South Australia and legally marry in Adelaide, on 3rd December 1881 and go on to have two children together.


Our William Henry Scadden (GG) marries Sarah Ann Haywood on 16 Jul 1883 at the Baptist church in Saddleworth, South Australia.
Source: Macbeth Software BDM CDs for South Australia

They have four children together, Sarah dies 26 Jun 1890
Source: Macbeth Software BDM CDs for South Australia

William Henry Scadden (GG) marries Sarah’s sister Elizabeth Haywood on 5 Nov 1890 at Nailsworth in Adelaide.
Source: Macbeth Software BDM CDs for South Australia

They have a further four children including my Grandmother who was the youngest.

Does this clear up the mystery of William Henry Scadden’s supposed four marriages. To me it does, what do others think?

3 thoughts on “William Henry Scadden

  • August 17, 2010 at 11:48 am

    Hi Kylie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I used to have to send all my work through the post but C & G now let us do it all online.

    I've been doing so work on my family tree as well and recently found out that my great great grandfather had 3 women all at once so a bit of a shock plus our surname changed. They always say you should be careful tracing your family tree, you never know what skeletons are in the cupboard. He emigrated to Australia so I have a whole branch of family in Melbourne that I never knew about.

    Best wishes Susan

  • August 17, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Hi Susan
    Yes you're right you find out all sorts of things when researching the family!! I don't mind if I find any skeletons.

    I have mostly UK ancestors – England, Scotland & Cornwall.

    Regards, Kylie 🙂

  • March 30, 2016 at 6:45 am


    Meu nome é David, e busco árvore genealógica de ‘Joseph Scadden e Marianne’, pais de Adelaide Scadden.


    David Assunção.


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