Spam Comments & Comment Moderation

Unfortunately due to persistent spam commenting I have had to institute comment moderation. So I’m apologising beforehand sorry if you post a comment and it doesn’t show up on the blog for a while. I will try and post comments as quickly as I can.

This is the only method which will work. I’ve tried the word verification but was still getting a lot of spam comments.


  1. KrisB

    I thought Blogger was better engineered than that? I killed off a lot of spam using a random CAPTCHA but I use Drupal. Sometimes someone sneaks through but 9/10 it stops sploggers in their tracks.

    Any plans to move to another blog management system K?

  2. Kylie Willison

    Hi Kris
    Word verification didn't work for 'people' posting spam comments and recently I've had a lot of those. I won't be moving my blog until I've finished studying, then I'll look at it. I think Drupal may be a bit out of my league though. 🙂


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