Freecycle_Adelaide : Freecycle Adelaide

Freecycle_Adelaide : Freecycle Adelaide

The Adelaide Freecycle(TM) group is open to all who want to”recycle” that special something rather than throw it away. Whether it’s a chair, a fax or old door, feel free to post it. Or maybe you’re looking to acquire something yourself!

This is a great way for our ‘stuff’ to be reused instead of going into landfill! You can also save money by picking up some awesome bargains 🙂


  1. Caren Barnet

    Hi Kylie,

    Can you help me please.
    My mobile number and any relevant information you require about my account is readily available , and will gladly answer all your questions once I know that my message is secure, and only you will see this email.

    It has been about 10 years as far as I can remember since I last traded on Freecycle_Adelaide. Last time I traded my email address was different to what it is now.

    I had to change my email address all that time ago due to domestic violence, and I could not keep on paying for the bigpond email address. So, I went to a free one on yahoo.

    Adding to my challenging life, I am now 3yrs and 2months after surviving a horrific mva wher i was rear-ended. As well as the physical injuries, I also sustained a head injury. my weak area now is processing information and problem solving. I am so very gratefaul for my life. I have a toploader washing machine that i no longer need, as i have a smaller frontloader, and thought about putting this on freecycle adelaide. everything for me now takes so much longer. When I attempted to login a couple of days ago , there was a message that confused me. saying something about because I had not used my account for a long time an email would be sent to one of the previously mentioned email addresses which no longer exists and didnot know what to do.

    Then I attempted to create a different email address, and it said something about not being able to use my name as it was unavailable.
    This has confused me even more.

    I would like to change my user login identity as it reminds me of my abusive ex. I can tell you my password that i previously used. I think the last time i traded my address was my current address, probably traded for some treated pine logs which i used for edging my garden. Some local kids decided they liked them more, and during the last year all have been stolen.

    I am no longer a survivor, i am a thriver (To Have Rights I Vigourously Endure) and want to reclaim my place in society , holding my head high.

    Caren Barnet

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