Business Spectator – Conroy’s wrong on net filtering – Blog – Simon Hackett

Business Spectator – Conroy's wrong on net filtering – Blog – Simon Hackett

Senator Conroy took on his critics yesterday in a blog titled ”the truth about net filtering” that defended the government’s mandatory censorship policy. I think it’s important to set the record straight and look at the “truth” behind each of his assertions.

1) “We have never said ISP-level filtering alone would help fight child pornography or keep children safe online.”

Unfortunately, ISP-level filtering will not help fight child pornography and it will not keep children safe online. It will have absolutely zero effect upon either aim.
Read the rest of the article here.

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  1. Footprints Diary

    Hi Kylie,
    There are so many proxy servers set up these days that the only effect that this will have is to slow our internet down even more.

    The paedophiles will find a way around any legislation!

    Have a wonderful week,
    Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

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