A Great Australia Day!

Light Harmony Vocal Group (my Mum’s singing group, she’s first on the left) They sang the national anthem and Botony Bay.

My aunty and uncle watching the ceremonies.

My stepfather Andrew Taylor with his Citizen of the Year award.

After the Lions Club lunch and a cuppa at Mum’s I went to the Echunga cemetery searching for relatives 🙂 John Barton Hack (my distant, distant relative was an early pioneer of Echunga.)

A quick stop in Echunga and a reminisce, I went to primary school here.

Hagen Arms Hotel, Echunga

Echunga sights

An old horse trough.

St Mary’s Anglican Church, Echunga

St Mary’s cemetery

This is an amazing oak tree in the bottom corner of the cemetery.

I didn’t find any relatives here but did find the grave of a good school friend Mandy Young. I still remember going to play at her house. She was only seven. I cleaned up her grave a bit.


  1. Homeschoolmum4Christ

    Hi Kylie,
    Memories of our childhood are so precious, aren't they?

    I still remember my good friend, Elizabeth, who died from asthma just after her 21st birthday, in the ambulance on her way to hospital. 🙁

    Friends are so important, and I truly thank you for your friendship – it's VERY highly valued! ♥

    Have a great week,

  2. patricia

    I agree Jilian! Friends are so important… Because you can have someone to talk to and can always help you get into a situation when you fall.

  3. Kylie Willison

    Hi Patricia, that's why I think online friends are no different from people we meet face to face!

    Kind regards, Kylie 🙂

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