The Man On The Horse

This video is about George Henry Goodall who was a South Australian soldier and modelled for the Boer War Memorial statue on North Terrace in Adelaide. I’m not directly related to George but there is a connection with my family and that’s how I came across the story.

I made this video because I like making videos and also because I couldn’t find any others of its type on Youtube. I’d like to make some more and perhaps I’ll do some on the Burings, H Buring & Sobels winery, Leo Buring or my g g grandfather Rudolph Buring the Adelaide tobacconist. There are lots of other great stories I’m uncovering in my research so I have plenty of material.

Please give me feedback on the video. I haven’t uploaded it to youtube yet because I want to see what people think and make any adjustments necessary. I’ve purposely kept it short and only put in a small amount of information so what I want to know is, is it enough information?


  1. Anonymous

    Saw you syndicated on linuxchix live. Love the idea of the video, and the content is interesting, but I guess I found it a little bit too slow or slideshow-like to grab my attention. Might be better to front-load it with some interesting hook (like the last part about walking by the statue every day and not realizing there was a connection, then people will want to hear what the connection is) to compel people to watch the whole thing.

  2. Kylie Willison

    Thanks for the feedback!!! I really appreciate it. I'll redo the video and put some of the more interesting stuff at the start as you suggest. I don't have a video camera yet and I don't think the quality of my mobile phone is good enough so for the moment i'll have to stick to stills.

    Kind regards Kylie 🙂

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