Making Progress With Family Tree

I’m really happy with the progress I’m making in researching our family!!! Now that I’m living in Adelaide I have much greater access to research resources and the actual locations where family members lived and worked. Last weekend I went to the West Terrace Cemetery in Adelaide and found a number of family graves, then I went to the Sisters of St Joseph convent and visited the chapel and saw the Sister’s housing which A A Elisabeth Buring (Sister Carolus) would’ve lived in. It was lovely and inspiring to see the work of Mary MacKillop, the beginnings of social work in Adelaide.

Today I’m going to the SA Genealogical Society!! Fun!!


  1. Martin

    I must say I do have evaded such social data aggregation machines, how are you dealing with that? I realise that this Web2.0-ish form of entering data and viewing the results is quite awesome, nothing GRAMPS could offer. Anything on that?

  2. Kylie Willison

    Hi Martin
    I use GRAMPS as well as, they both have different strengths and benefits. I haven't thought about it much more than that. 🙂


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