Test Drive The Arts

I was reading the Arts SA newsletter and found out about this great program that they have called Test Drive The Arts.

Test drive the arts begins with a complimentary double pass to a chamber or choral music concert in Adelaide.

All you need to do it sit back and enjoy some of the most inspirational music ever composed. Concerts are often performed in churches or smaller venues which create an intimate experience. A time is also arranged for a short follow-up survey the next working day after the concert.

I would’ve liked to participate in this program however it’s for the 40 and overs. I’m not 40 until late next year….. I think it’s a shame that they’ve restricted it to this age group because it would be a good way to introduce younger people to choral and chamber music!

Opera is often overlooked too but a company which is great at introducing opera to a younger age bracket is Co Opera I’ve been to a few of their productions and thoroughly enjoyed them. Co Opera visit and perform at primary and secondary schools. Jess had seen Co Opera at her school and when we went to their performance of Die Fledermaus it was even more enjoyable for her because she had met some of the cast already.

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