Nick Vujicic-No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

This young man is amazing! I love his attitude and the positive things he says. He speaks very openly about his own battle with depression and gives great tips on what is helping him overcome his limitations!

When I watch Nick I remember to put my life in the right perspective! I like his directness, today it’s speaking straight to my heart. He says – focus on what you can do, stop thinking about what missed opportunities are out there because then you’ll miss more. The day you believe you’ve reached your fullest potential is the day you haven’t, because you still have today. The only limits I have in my life are the limits I put on myself.

Nick on I’ve included the link, as asked :-), for those who don’t have flash but do use youtube-dl.

If you don’t have a fast Internet connection there are smaller videos on Nick’s website which you should be able to watch!

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