Computerbank Victoria

A big thank you goes to Kylie Davies for showing us around the Computerbank premises on Saturday after Open Day at LCA!!!! It was very inspirational to me to see such a well run organisation doing great things with technology and Linux. We saw the training room, store room, workshop, kitchen, shop, office etc. Computerbank sells low-cost, recycled computers to people on a low income or to non-profit groups. The South Australian equivalent is ItShare who I volunteer with. I’ve often been sort of jokingly asked if I’d start a Murray Bridge branch but have always said no. I am, though, starting a recycling project at Teen Challenge which will run alongside the PC Building For Women course. We have a lot of old tech at TC and at my house which needs to be recycled as well as some pc’s and parts which can be sold. I’m excited about starting this new project. This trial will run for at least the first school term and then I’ll reassess it to see if we continue.

As well as the number of computers being given out I was also impressed with the way the Computerbank runs. Procedures are well documented, stuck up on the walls where everyone can see them. OHS&W posters are prominent throughout the workshop and training room. I’ve been looking through the documentation on their website and it is tremendous! There is so much here that I’ve wanted to do but haven’t got around to, haven’t had time for. Thankfully I can use their docs with attribution to them this is saving me a lot of time re-doing documentation or at least giving me a starting place to work from in creating our own documents.

While we were at Computerbank I was able to help a computer recipient with a problem in Open Office Draw. It was funny being able to help out at someone else’s organisation/training centre, others were busy so I just offered to help.

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