Monday cont…

Met a nice young man named Jason at the Edu miniconf and we talked with Robyn and another gentleman Roland for about an hour after the conf had ended for the day, about inequalities in life, sexism, Maths and accessibility in all sorts of forms.

So far my fav talk is Liddy Nevile’s on Accessibility. I learnt heaps from Liddy’s talk and wrote more for my talk from what I heard and learnt.

Some thoughts and quotes from Liddy’s talk –
“everyone has a disability of some sort, why do we put only some people with ‘disabilities’ into special ed classes?”

“we are in an elitist information age!”

“The problem of accessibility cant be solved in a general way it is an individual problem.”

“Access for ALL is a focus on the individual, we aren’t generic beings!”

my thoughts “open content is easier to make accessible because more people can see it and work on it” sort of like Linus’ law

My friend Karl Goetz spoke about his trip to Goroka, Papua New Guinea for ItShare SA Inc. ItShare recycles donated hardware and gives it away to disadvantaged and low income earners. I posted this message in haste but I hadn’t actually finished it 🙂 ItShare sent a container load of hardware – servers, pc’s, monitors etc to Goroka to set up a network at the hospital. Karl also trained local staff to become trainers themselves.

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