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Now that I’ve got more webspace with my new Internode account I can upload some of my teaching notes for anyone to use, change, criticise :-). If you do want to use them please read the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license in the right hand column of this blog.

These teaching notes all cover basic skills only. I don’t have notes for advanced classes. I purposely stick to beginner classes although I do sometimes teach some more advanced skills in one on one settings.

These notes are for the Microsoft Windows operating system:

Introduction to Office Computing
Introduction to Email using Microsoft Outlook
Introduction to The Internet (web browser used is Internet Explorer)
Introduction to Presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint
Introduction to Word Processing using Microsoft Word

These notes are suitable for adults and teens and can be easily adapted for children. Although I have written these for people working in an office they can be used for anyone wanting to use a computer for most workplaces, home, hobby or fun use.

I’ll also put these links in the side column too so that they’re there all the time.

Later on I’ll put up my notes for the Linux operating system! 🙂

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