While I’ve been sick in bed I downloaded and installed Dosbox a DOS emulator which runs on Windows or Linux. I’m glad I got it working myself, it’s fun playing Jill Of The Jungle and Commander Keen. I’m looking for Jazz Jackrabbit now.


  1. Kevin Mark

    About a year ago I was looking for some educational software and I found some old dos software, so dosbox came to the rescue! I tried rocky’s boot and also found some commander keen games also, for fun! Just because its non-windows, doesnt mean it is useless. Dosbox or similar helps.

  2. Kylie Willison

    I got my first computer in about 1993 a 286 with MS-DOS. My first experience of writing batch files was making menus for it. I used to help others set up their DOS boxes with a menu so that they could operate them more easily. Oh what fun! 🙂

    Having used DOS a lot helped me when I started learning Linux too. I love the combination of command line and GUI.

  3. Tim Wegener

    You may be interested in this ‘native’ port of the original Command Keen trilogy:

    It uses the data files from the original, but outputs sound through the sound card and optionally upscales the graphics.

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