Candle Making

I made some soy wax candles today. The soy wax is from Candlelyte. You melt the wax flakes and a colour piece in the microwave, stir the wax and add the scent. The wick has a sticker on the bottom to hold it in place in the glass. Pour in the melted wax.

Candles can be made in a glass, ceramic or china container. I’ve used ordinary secondhand glasses from work they make lovely candles. Today I made one big candle and six little tea lights. The tea lights are safe in specially made plastic containers. They are safe because soy wax burns at a lower temperature than parafin wax, its also safer to burn because it doesn’t give off any harmful soot.


  1. rosy

    Hello Kylie, my name is Rose and I like you love the Lord Jesus. I am from Perth, WA and I have been trying to find somewhere here to do a course on candle making, as a hobby. I’m wondering if you can guide me in any way as I have never made candles before, Please send me any information you can.
    Thank you
    your sister in Christ

  2. Kylie Willison

    Hi Rose, thanks for your lovely message. The soy wax candles are the only ones I’ve made. This is the site where you can buy supplies from. There may be many others around or a craft shop near you might have them. I found the soy wax candles very easy to make as you melt the wax in a microwave oven.

    All the best, GB, Kylie

  3. Anonymous

    ive just started making soy candles as well, and have been doing a bit of research,from what i have read, no candles can claim to be “soot free”, soy candles burn as a “white soot”, and are still better for you than the paraffin candles.
    regards wendy

  4. Kylie Willison

    Hi Wendy
    Thanks for the info I didn’t know that. Hope you enjoy making your candles as much as I do!! 🙂 Are you making any for Christmas presents this year?


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