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It’s been incredibly frustrating administering our Teen Challenge forum It’s been getting spammed badly. I’m new to forum admin. We’re using phpBB which is fairly easy to administer. I found account activation in the forum settings today. Now that registrations have to be activated by me it has stopped all the posting of porn links, photos, pay per click and links to pharmaceuticals.

I’ve also banned

I’d noticed that these accounts had only been used for spamming and when I Googled them other forum admins had reported that too. Anyone else have these problems?


  1. Anonymous

    I’ve found that the easier way to deal with spammers in phpbb involves changing the signup page so they (a) can’t find it in google or (b) can’t use it properly. The best hack I’ve heard of changed the page to include an extra “website” field that wasn’t visible to regular users (but would be filled out by bots) and then any user who filled it out was automatically rejected…

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