Countdown To Sydney Linux.Conf.Au

Today is Tuesday and we leave Adelaide on the Indian Pacific (train) on Friday at 10:00am!! Yippee! I’m excited! We’re going as a group my sister R and her partner K so it will be fun on the train which takes 24 hours to get there 🙂 I’ve got to remember to pack books, cards, magazines, crosswords……. maybe I’ll take my knitting? I wonder if they have power points? I could plug in my laptop (battery doesn’t last long) hee hee.

At the conference – places to go and people to see 🙂

Miniconfs I want to go to:
Open Office

Some of the main conference sessions I want to go to:
Keynotes – especially Kathy Sierra
Gimp Tutorial
Open Day!!!!
Ext4 The next generation of ext2/ext3
Choosing and tuning Linux file systems

The whole conference program is here. We’re staying at the Avoca Lodge which going by the maps is just around the corner from the Uni, not far from the conference venue at all.

It’s rather hectic here at the moment though because true to fashion I’ve said I’d do some things and I’ve left them to the last minute 🙂

I’ve got two computers to finish fixing, house cleaning (yuk, this might get forgotten), shopping so that teenage son and pets don’t starve while we’re away and various things at work to do.

This is part of my lounge room, school room, office/computer room on a good day when it hasn’t been overtaken by more computers and other stuff.

My timetable kinda looks like this:

Today fix computers and shopping
Wednesday finish computers and make sure laptop is ready to take (has all essentials installed) do laundry and go to work at Waikerie Teen Challenge about 3:00pm
Thursday back from Waikerie TC and go to Murray Bridge TC until 3:00pm go home and pack make sure Jessica (my daughter) has packed and go to Mum’s house for the night. Jess is staying with Mum.
Friday Mum taking me to train station meet R and K there.

So I should really finish this blog post and get back to what I’m supposed to be doing and it’s not watching the rest of the first season of Babylon 5 which I bought the other day.

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