How Do You Blog About The Death Of A Friend?

Today my very good friend Pastor Morrie Thompson died from cancer. Morrie ran Teen Challenge in South Australia from its early days and has only recently stood down from all the positions he held.

It’s hard to say more, I’ll miss him, we all will. I’m glad he’s not in pain any more and I look forward to seeing him again.


  1. Anonymous

    Yup, it’s steadily getting that way for almost everbody. By changing what you do, you can dodge cancer fairly effectively, but no method is perfect, and cancer isn’t the only fatal disease.

    I’ve not yet found a perfect formula, not even for a ‘generic’ friend, since everybody is different at heart. I don’t think your question has an easy answer.

    You do, however, look forward to seeing him again, which is more than an atheist could do. Look at prophecy; towards the end, that purpose may become a huge advantage.

  2. drew

    yes morrie was a great man and friend to many he has helped many people and i am one of them he helped me so much if he didnt i wouldnt be here now thanks morrie

  3. Anonymous


    The light of your inspiration and motivation will shine over TC for a long time to come.

    Your practical energy has formed a group of people who work for the greater good of humanity.

    May those who follow after you work with the same inspiration, to show everyone the character of God through their attitude and works instead of words alone.

    You will be sorely missed.


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