Christmas Presents

Each year we make a lot of Christmas presents, this year won’t be any different. The kids used to cook gingerbread and caramel nut popcorn and these were always popular with the relatives however most of our family are diabetic now (no it wasn’t the popcorn) so we need to stay away from these treats. I’ll be making Christmas cards with shrinkies on like in the previous craft pictures. These are some other cards I’ve made

I’m not sure yet what other presents I’ll be making, there’s not much point in making Christmas decorations to give on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Better Homes And Gardens have some good craft patterns for download on their website.

As well as making presents I might give some plants too. My Mum and Dad and my brother like gardening and my sister might like to grow something too.

Making Christmas presents is part of our school work too. Jess loves being creative and making all sorts of things and Doug’s craft work is lovely he does bobbin lace making, shrinkies, cross stitch and crochet.

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  1. Leon Brooks

    Try homemade bread or biscuits. For the sugar intolerant, you can make it savoury & you have to make it closer to Solstice/Saturnalia/Yule/Lenaea/Bodhi-Day than you do with the lolly stuff, but it does get appreciated if you bother to make it right (ie solid, tasty).

    Do a few experiments. (-:

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