Unusual Evolution (Email) Happenings

I’m running Ubuntu Dapper on my laptop. I copied the .evolution directory from my desktop machine (Ubuntu Hoary) to the laptop a few weeks ago. Everything was fine when I did it. I don’t know if this is causing these problems now though.

It started with some emails with embedded graphics, when I open them they are instantly at the bottom of the email and I have to scroll back up to read the message or see the graphics however it won’t allow me to scroll up it just keeps jumping back to the bottom of the message. I went into the preferences and removed the tick from ‘show image animations’. That seemed to stop the problem but I’m not sure why, it was a shot in the dark. Now, however, the messages still start at the bottom and some are scrolled as far as possible horizontally to the right. I can scroll back up but it’s a real pain that all these messages start at the bottom. Evolution is also crashing at random times too. Emails with attached graphics are okay.

I’ve sent this query to the LinuxChix, NewChix email mailing list to see if anyone can shed some light on this problem.

I’ll post the answers here. I like posting the tech problems I have and the results then if I need to I can refer back to them easily.

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  1. Stuvey

    I had the jumping-to-the-bottom problem, though only with HTML emails. Unchecking “Show Image Animations” fixed it for me, thanks to your tip!

  2. Vladimir G. Ivanovic

    What fixed it for me was turning off Caret Mode. Fiddling with animations had no effect. I am using Evolution 2.8.1.

  3. derheld42

    I’m using Evolution 2.8.1 and I’m having the same problem. I turned off “Show image Animations” and emails that kept jumping to the bottom even after I scrolled to the top stopped jumping to the bottom after the first jump.

    I turned off carot mode and now the scrolling has stopped. Thanx for the suggestion!

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