Sharing The Amazing Race

If anyone would like a copy of the Amazing Race complete with all the answers please leave me a comment and I’ll email it to you. I can’t put it up here or on my website yet because we’re not quite finished doing it yet. When we’ve finished I can put it up somewhere online in its entirety. I’d love others to use it. Also if anyone has made something similar of their own I’d love to hear about it.

I love making resources for our family to use and if others can use them too then that’s a bonus. To me this is one of the cool, fun things about homeschooling. I get to make the learning resources and then use them with my kids! Being a free software user I’m also into other types of sharing and free content, sharing ideas etc too.

What do others share?

Today Jessica and I did some geography – we had some maps and a book on cats (because we like cats) and looked up when and where cats were first domesticated and then where different cat breeds came from. We marked on the maps where the cats came from and coloured in the countries.

We have 1 Japanese Bobtail cat now and have owned quite a few previously. It was good to find out that their beautiful nature is part of the breed and not just the cats we’ve had. The kids have taught our cats to do little tricks and that apparently is peculiar to this breed too. I still miss my bobtail cat Nuffink who died two years ago from cancer.

This was a fun and interesting way of doing geography.

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