Colin Thiele, Steve Irwin Deaths

How come crocodile hunter Steve Irwin’s death, though terrible, gets five or more minutes in tonight’s news and Aussie author Colin Thiele’s gets about two minutes? Current affairs shows have tributes to Steve Irwin and there is a special tribute show coming up on Wednesday.

I hope there is more about Colin Thiele, in the media, and his achievements in the days to come.

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  1. Peter Herriman

    Hi, the best tribute I have seen for Colin was from Max Fatchen in The Advertiser Sat Sept 9th 2006.
    Max used to talk on the phone with Colin weekly, so he was very close.

    Many people have written to his web site at to send thier messages of sympathy to Rhonnie and family.

    Some people have expressed thier concern about the fact that Steve Irwin got all the ‘limelight’, but my answer was:
    ‘I think Colin was such a humble man, he waited until someone else, famous, passed on, so that he could pass away quietly, slipping out the back door, so to speak’.

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