The Boy From Oz

I went with a friend to see The Boy From Oz on Saturday!!!! It was fantastic! Hugh Jackman is incredible. He had Peter Allen’s speaking voice down pat as well as his singing. The show was very funny and Hugh put in lots of local jokes and references. It was a very colourful and exciting show, full of action.

I was a bit annoyed that people pretty much ignored the request for no cameras and there were times when Hugh stopped the show to pose for photos too.

Colleen Hewitt was teriffic as Peter’s Mum. I loved her big solo number. Hugh received a standing ovation for “I Still Call Australia Home” and for the finale “I Go To Rio”.

I loved all the music, the orchestra and the backdrops (a data projector was used to project scenes onto a screen behind the orchestra in the middle of the stage) Sometimes it was hard to know where to look I missed some things happening on stage when I was looking at the screens, you need to see the show several times to see everything 🙂
The Boy From Oz website.

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