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I’m currently designing a website to put most of my photos on (well the ones I want publicly available anyway). I don’t really want to ‘clog my blog’ with heaps of photos. I love photography, I’m not necessarily good at it but having a digital camera has allowed me to persue this hobby. We all use the camera for fun and also to document school projects, excursions etc. I have many, many photos of Jessica where she’s actually holding the camera taking a photo of herself LOL.

I’m hoping the website will also act as a feeder to this blog, by linking to blog posts from the website I may get some more visitors. I’ve also used the Google Pages wysiwyg page creator to do the same sort of thing there except I won’t have the photos there just an intro of me and links to the blog. It’s an experiment. I don’t know if any of this will work but I’m trying it out. It’s fun to do. Having links to my blog posts also boosts my ranking with Technorati too.

The other reason for trying Google Pages was to see if it would be suitable for any of my students. I found it easier to use than Yahoo/Geocities but that’s me. I’ll have to try it out on a class and see how they go. I’m not into wysiwyg editors but for some students they’re good. I do also teach basic plain html coding for those who can handle it.

The site url is There’ll probably be plenty of things to pick at about it and yes I’ve used someone else’s template. I don’t have time to make my own and why re-create the wheel anyway. It’s a rough and quick site just for fun and a place to put my photos.

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