I installed Xubuntu at home yesterday on a spare box! I’m thrilled with how easy I found it. 🙂 I’m going to be using it for the teaching/recycling/giving away computers project I wrote about the other day.

So far I like what I see. I’m not sure how Mozilla Firefox will go on the boxes which I’m going to use for the project I might need to find another browser as Mozilla will possibly be too slow. I’ll find a few games to put on them too.

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. Previously I haven’t had the time or skills to do it all myself but now it’s all falling into place. Now that there is Xubuntu, which I can install and configure and teach others how to install, I’ve got time to teach and oversee the project and two year 12 students, it’s all happening!

I’m hoping to have about 10 – 15 complete systems to give away. They’ll go to low income families we already work with.

I probably need to come up with a name for this project too. I’m not used to this project management stuff 🙂 It would be good to have a name for the project so that it’s not just called ‘the project’ all the time but also so that ‘others’ know what it’s about. If this goes well I might look at doing it again which will need more donations of hardware, students to do the learning/working and possibly some funding. Any project name ideas greatfully accepted! I’ll ask the first two students (guinea pigs) for name ideas too.

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  1. Scott Fitchet

    Would love to hear more about your experience with the new Xubuntu downloads. I’ve used XFCE in the past and appreciate the minimalism. The Linux desktop needs to simplify to “almost zero” and then let individuals customize.

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