Lace Making & More

My Mum is teaching us Bobbin Lace making! It’s cool and who’s the best at it so far? Douglas! He has an incredible knack for handicrafts. I don’t have any photos of our work to post at the moment but I will soon. There are a couple of photos and a description at wikipedia.

Jessica has a role in a local production of “Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”. We watched the dvd (old movie converted to dvd) the other day so that Jessica could see the whole rock opera. It’s available on Amazon. I haven’t put the link in because it’s huge. Donny Osmond plays Joseph. Donny Osmond! I haven’t seen him for ages. We’ll also be reading the story from the Bible (it’s in the first chapter of the Bible – Genesis). Joseph went from Canaan to Egypt so I’ll throw in a bit of Egypt study too. At the moment we’re reading about Moses and the Israelites’ trip from Egypt to Canaan from the book of Exodus in the Bible. We’re studying ancient and current maps and we’re making our own maps tracing the journey too, discussing themes in the text and reading comprehension. We’re covering a number of subjects here – English, Maths, Geography, Social Studies, History. I love it, I’m learning right along with the kids 🙂

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