Unusual, slightly worrying website

I came across the Coca Cola Zero website today. http://thezeromovement.com Hmm well I’m not sure whether to take it very seriously or not but it still seems bizarre and slightly worrying to me. The whole site talks about having a world of zero responsibility, zero negativity, zero boundaries, no limits, nothing to hold us back…… This is from the site:

“Now you can have real taste with zero sugar. So why can’t life be more like Coca-Cola Zero? All the good bits with zero negative stuff.

Why can’t you have a sick of work day? Or why can’t every weekend be long? And how good would it be if relationships came with a gap year?

The zero movement is about living life your way, a life free of limits and consequences.”

Some of it sounds okay and fun but should we be encouraging young people to think that they can live life without consequences? Aren’t there enough single parents, people killed in car accidents, drunk drivers, crime, violence towards women etc etc.

What do others think? Am I over-reacting?

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