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Following in his father’s footsteps William Thomas Chapman was in the postal service for forty-five years.

Postal Worker William Thomas Chapman




Mr. William Chapman, of Howard-street, North Kensington, who celebrated the 84th anniversary of his birth on Sunday, was born at Sevenoaks, Kent, and came to South Australia with his parents when he was five years old. Although so many years have passed since Mr. Chapman

Mr. William Chapman.

landed by the sailing ship Asiatic, he is hale and hearty, and still in possession of all his faculties, being able to recall with minute detail many interesting incidents of the early days. He is the oldest living scholar of Pulteney Grammar School, and among other things he recalls in his youth having been among the first to tra- vel, by train between Adelaide and Port Adelaide. When he arrived in South Aus- tralia the only means of transit between the city and the Port was by bullock dray.   Mr. Chapman can also remember attending

one of the first burials at the North-road Cemetery. On the death of Mr. Stock,   who conducted the school in Pulteney street, Mr. Chapman transferred to the Waymouth-street school, and he well re- members playing cricket in the large grounds existing at that time between 'The Advertiser' office and the Thistle Hotel. On leaving school he worked for a Rundle-street fruiterer, then transferred to the Government Printer, whose office was situated in a paddock in Gouger-street, close to the Supreme Court. Trying his hand at commerce, Mr. Chap man joined up with Messrs. Samuel and Matthew Goode, and on November 1, 1863, he entered the Postal Department. In that service he remained for over 45 years, his 'beat' for 35 years being Rundle, Cu- rie, Waymouth, and Hindley streets and North-terrace. In the early days a red coat was included in the postman's outfit, and the veteran still retains portion of the uniform he wore half a century ago. In the latter end of his engagement with the Post-office Mr. Chapman was employed as a letter sorter. In the period he was connected with the department as postman he reckons that he walked the equivalent of six times round the earth. The mail matter, when letters from England came in, sometimes went as high as 70 lb. a man, and with a round covering 15 miles it required the strongest constitution to carry on the work. Fortunately, Mr. Chapman always enjoyed the best of health, and only recently underwent a suc- cessful operation without taking ether. He remembers the building of the guard house at Government House, which was partly demolished a little while ago. The struc- ture was put together by the 40th Regi- ment, which afterwards went to New Zea- land and served in the Maori war. Mr. Chapman has always been a keen lover of music, and performed well on the violin, a gift inherited from his father, who formed Chapman's Band, the first organisation in this State to perform 'The Messiah.' This band frequently played at Government House, and at White's Rooms, now the Majestic Theatre. Through out his service of 45 years with the Pos- tal Department, Mr. Chapman's sick leave did not total one month, and in the evening of life he still enjoys health that would be envied by many thousands who are a score of years younger. He   had seven children, six of whom are living — Messrs. H. M. and P. E. Chapman (both of North Kensington), Mrs. T. J. Maloney (Mitcham), Mrs. W. B. Simons (Keswick), Miss E. B. Chapman (North Kensington), and Miss C. Z. Chapman (North Kensington.) There are also four grandchildren.   Brisbane.— UnaWe to extricate herself from beneath a motor truck which over turned and caught fire, near Talleyrand Station, in the Lon#reach district, Mrs. McNamee (2C), who was employed as ai housonioid at j&c station, was burned to- death* ^__i'-'~'--'-^J'~ . ^

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I have just recently found pay records at the State Records office (South Australia) as well as photos of William Thomas and his father William which I need to go into the office to view.

postal worker wages ledger

Postal worker wages ledger

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