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I read about the Trove WordPress plugin on the Australian Genealogy Facebook group this week.  This is what it looks like when you use the plugin to display a Trove newspaper article.  In this case it is displaying the whole article however it is only the first paragraph I’m interested in. For context’s sake though it is probably just as well that it displays the whole article.

James Francis Heeps was my 2x great uncle.


GAZETTE NOTICES -o The following appeared in the Government Gazette of Friday last: James Francis Heeps, Bonnie Doon, has been appointed a Deputy Electoral Registrar for the Alexandra Division of the Electoral District of Anglesey, from the 27th May, 1892. Licenses approved :-Frances Marshall, 320a, Ghin Ghin; W. Anderson, jun, 320a, Ghin Ghio; A. Stewart, 370a, Worrough; W. P. S. Snodgrass, 43a, Ghin Ghin; J. P. Sherring, 702a, Berodo manin; J. Lonergan, jun., 396a, Borodomanin; T. W. Folks, 760a, Tallangalook ; David Tyrer, 66a, Yea; Winm. Nicholls, 22a, Granton; Cath. M. Seaton, 23a, Alexandra.. Leases approved :-Charles Wood, 550a, North wood; Margt. J. Christie, administratrix of late John Christie, Taggerty, 319a 3r 25p; James Mullins, Yea, 319a 3r 27p ; Jessie Ruffy, Koby boyn, 319a 2r 7p ; Catherine M'Leish, Woodbourne, 312a 2r 6p ; James Colwell, Woodbourne, 210a 2r 4p; John Dempsey, Glenarona, 39a Ir 29p; Richd. Kershaw. Flowerdale, 318a 2r 23p : Hans Lorenz, Tarcombe, 72a 3r 14p ; Richard Cummins, Murrin dindi, 284a Or 14p ; James Ahern, Windham, 98a 2r 21p; Timothy Cummins, Monea South, 319a Ir 17p; Terence S. Fitzpatrick, Worrough, 319a 3r 3p; Molesworth Jeffery, Kobyboyn, 15a 3r 28p; Matthew Hyland, Heathcote, 319a 3r 25p; Mary 1. Wylie, Tooborac,.49a lr 10p. Many.ladies 'admire grey hair--on some other person-but few care to try its effects on their own charms. They need not, since Ayer's Hair Vigor restores grey hair to its original color. Sold by druggists and perfumers.--[Advt.] As an anodyne expectorant, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is prompt in its action. It checks the advance of disease, allays all tendency to inflammation and con sumption, and speedily restores health to the afflicted. The elections in the old country are likely to come off soon. We predict a triumph for Glad stone and Home Rule, notwithstanding the gascon ading of a few in Ireland, who call themselves " loyalists," but a morp appropriate name for whom would be " rebels."

Source: Trove

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