Getting To Congress 2015

I’m planning on driving to Congress next year.  I’ve driven from Adelaide to Canberra and back once before so I already know I can do it.  Congress runs from 26th to 30th March so my travelling dates will be roughly either side of that.



I’m looking for any ladies who would be interested in sharing the driving and petrol cost.  Adelaide to Victoria, then Victoria to Canberra and return.  It can be for part or all of the trip.  It doesn’t matter to me if you’re attending the genealogy conference or you just need a lift.

I’ve been inspired by Community Exchange Road Trip to share the ride and try and use my LETS units as much as possible to pay for my accommodation and food and then I can save my cash to pay for the conference and petrol.

cyberscooty-cartoon-carYou can contact me for more details by leaving a comment on this post, email kira0030 @, or Google +.