Genealogy has been a big online craze for a long time but I’ve never really been into it until now. One of my students came across This site has information about people who settled in South Australia. The database search only works with Internet Explorer and even then it sometimes crashes it. From there … [Read more…]

I Feel Like A Star Struck Teeny-Bopper

I really like Courtney Murphy from last year’s Australian Idol. I love his singing and his songs. He’s a great musician and songwriter. I love the piano and he plays well. I bought one of his band, Murphy’s Lore’s, cds – “The Universe Conspires”. I loved it so much I posted a message on their … [Read more…]

Open Office Draw Exercises-Phil Shapiro

Phil posted this to the Open Office Education list. It’s a great use of a blog! I’ll be getting Jessica to post some of her drawings there. “hi everyone – to help my elementary school students learn draw, i’vecreated a blog where the students are challenged to create some simple drawingsusing the drawing tools. … [Read more…]

Childhood Lost

I found this quote on a homeschool website. It has been said that when a childhood is neglected ‘it is like cutting off Spring from the year’. Summer is reached, but the seeds have not been planted, Autumn comes and there is no harvest, Winter comes and there has been no growth; these are the … [Read more…]