Jesus, Spirituality, Software & Make Poverty History

Some of my web wanderings today: is a very interesting website. From the site: “ is an experimental knowledgebase; it’s a personal site interested in promoting meaningful discussion between practitioners of Jesus-focused spirituality and several others of interest, including Atheism and Paganism. It’s not your standard-issue Christian site. Don’t expect it to be.” There … [Read more…]

Australian Edubloggers, Open Source In Libraries

I listed my blog on this wiki today. Others involved in education in Australia might like to list their blogs there too. I also came across this article about getting open source into libraries. Open Source In Libraries It’s interesting but it does look difficult unless you already have a good relationship with your librarian.

The One Page Linux Manual

I’ve always found this a very useful sheet of paper to have around. It can be downloaded from I have one at home and one in my work bag. I might even put a copy on my laptop too. Does anyone know of any more of these sort of resources?

Ask Oxford: Free Online Dictionary

I was reading Planet Linux Australia and came across this:Ask Oxford the free online dictionary. It’s got sections: Ask The Experts Better Writing World Of Words Games and more I love the word games and I’m printing some out for Jessica for school too. It’s a good homeschool resource. Some of the harder games we’ll … [Read more…]

Good Online Linux Newbie Training Videos

I just found this site Free Online Linux Training Videos by Lancom Technologies. The videos play in your web browser you can’t download them. I watched the “Using Vi To Create And Save Text Files” one and it was very good. It didn’t make a lot of assumptions other than assuming that you already know … [Read more…]