Childhood Lost

I found this quote on a homeschool website. It has been said that when a childhood is neglected ‘it is like cutting off Spring from the year’. Summer is reached, but the seeds have not been planted, Autumn comes and there is no harvest, Winter comes and there has been no growth; these are the … [Read more…]

Personality Type/Giftings Seminar

My work (Teen Challenge) ran a Giftings Seminar on Saturday. It was very good. I’ve done a few of these before so I was prepared. Surprise, surprise I’m an encourager. Well it’s no surprise really but it is good to hear about these things and have things sorta confirmed. My second giftings were equally teaching, … [Read more…]

Jesus, Spirituality, Software & Make Poverty History

Some of my web wanderings today: is a very interesting website. From the site: “ is an experimental knowledgebase; it’s a personal site interested in promoting meaningful discussion between practitioners of Jesus-focused spirituality and several others of interest, including Atheism and Paganism. It’s not your standard-issue Christian site. Don’t expect it to be.” There … [Read more…]

Australian Edubloggers, Open Source In Libraries

I listed my blog on this wiki today. Others involved in education in Australia might like to list their blogs there too. I also came across this article about getting open source into libraries. Open Source In Libraries It’s interesting but it does look difficult unless you already have a good relationship with your librarian.