Unusual, slightly worrying website

I came across the Coca Cola Zero website today. http://thezeromovement.com Hmm well I’m not sure whether to take it very seriously or not but it still seems bizarre and slightly worrying to me. The whole site talks about having a world of zero responsibility, zero negativity, zero boundaries, no limits, nothing to hold us back…… … [Read more…]

Total Geek

The following was posted to the LinuxSA-talk list. “Not enough ingredients (or too many) and cannot work out what to have for dinner ? This works for me – have a look in the fridge and pantry and put the ingredients into your favorite search engine bread cheese milk tomato tuna + recipe and google … [Read more…]

The Murray Bridge

This is the original bridge over the river Murray at Murray Bridge. It was used as a footbridge, car and train bridge. There is now a separate train bridge and this is just used for cars, trucks etc.

Linux Australia’s People’s Choice Community Member Of The Year Award

I think this is fantastic, and well done Pascal!!! It’s great to hear about what young people are achieving in technology and open source! Media release: Canberra student to take on the world January 5, 2006 Linux Australia is pleased to announce Pascal Klein as the inaugural winner of the organisation’s People’s Choice Community Member … [Read more…]

AAhh Christmas And New Year Over :-)

I had a very nice Christmas and New Year. They were both fairly quiet celebrations with family and friends. I had a week off work between Christmas and New Year (except for trying to fix a client’s WinNT4 computer). I’ll be having a few more days off here and there before school goes back at … [Read more…]