Family Photos

I recently got a big bag of family photos from my cousin Glenda, here are just a few.     I knew that my Uncle Bill trained greyhounds as did my Dad but I didn’t know how early he started.  This photo is from 1948.  I found Favorite Chris’ pedigree online but not Lightning Larry’s. … [Read more…]

The Mystery of Mary’s Mother

There are three daughters of Edward George Clerk for whom I haven’t been able to ascertain the mother.  They are Mary Emily Clerk 1838, Susan Bundarra Clerk 1839 and Anna Maria Clerk 1840. From what I’ve been able to determine they were all born in New South Wales, Australia. Edward George Clerk was born in Somerset, … [Read more…]

Dragged To Death By A Crocodile

What’s the most unusual newspaper article you’ve found on Trove? Did it relate to one of your ancestors?  This one isn’t about any of my ancestors but it definitely tops my list of unusual articles at the moment.  It was published in The World’s News, Sydney on 22 April 1950.  What an awful way … [Read more…]