Kubuntu-Static Gateway Settings

I was feeling quite pleased with myself that I’d found a problem with Kubuntu, in using the gui to set up the network, and found a way to get around it by myself and then this morning I found out that it’s already been documented on kudos.berlios.de I could’ve fixed the problem a lot quicker … [Read more…]

A Bit Of Everything

Home EducationWe have a Home Education review coming up. I was stressing a bit about filling out the paperwork – paperwork is not my favourite thing. So I rang the Home Ed office and they said I can fill out the paperwork with the review officer when they come for the interview, that was a … [Read more…]

Re: Long Time Since Last Post

One of the problems I’ve had with Kubuntu has been the installation. I’ve tried using different CDs, doing expert install but I just can’t get it to install on some machines. Where the installation stops can be different each time I’ve tried to install it too. Oh well I keep learning 🙂 I tried emailing … [Read more…]

Long Time Since Last Post

It’s been a long time since my last post so I need to fill you in onwhat’s been happening. I wiped my hard drive and made it dual boot – win98 and Ubuntu Linux.My daughter (12yrs) did the same to her computer a few weeks ago.Personally I like the Gnome desktop which is the default … [Read more…]