Australian Slang No. 1

For those of you who don’t know some of the Australian slang words and abbreviations I’ve used in previous posts I thought I’d start a series of Aussie slang posts. arvo = afternoontech = technicianbbq = barbecue, called a cook out in America I think I wonder what it’s called elsewhereaussie = Australiantea = evening … [Read more…]

Mannum Waterfalls

I went with my daughter and a group of friends from church to the waterfalls about 15 minutes drive from my house. We had a bbq there and then went hiking. I cheated a bit and drove part of the way. Jessica and I set out on our own but were soon joined by a … [Read more…]

ADSL,, Linux Australia

Well Now that I have ADSL I will probably be doing more blogging and might actually get around to changing the decor in here. Saturday I got my ADSL router, set it up Sat arvo, wouldn’t work. DSL light flashing, no sync. Contacted ISP, said they’d log a fault report with Telstra. Rang them Monday, … [Read more…]


I’ve decided I’m going to submit a paper to speak at the main not just at the Education Miniconference. I’m going to make my paper a type of ‘Report From A Past Regional Delegate’. As I won the opportunity to go to this year’s Linux Conf in Canberra (look at previous posts) as part … [Read more…]

Re: Comment On A Bit Of Everything Post

This is my no dig garden with the cherry tomatoes. I’ve posted this pic in reply to Kate’s request in the comments. So here you are Kate. I made this garden bed using hay bales as the sides and filling in the centre with flattened cardboard boxes and then a shallow layer of potting mix. … [Read more…]