Australian Slang No. 1

For those of you who don’t know some of the Australian slang words and abbreviations I’ve used in previous posts I thought I’d start a series of Aussie slang posts. arvo = afternoontech = technicianbbq = barbecue, called a cook out in America I think I wonder what it’s called elsewhereaussie = Australiantea = evening … [Read more…]

Mannum Waterfalls

I went with my daughter and a group of friends from church to the waterfalls about 15 minutes drive from my house. We had a bbq there and then went hiking. I cheated a bit and drove part of the way. Jessica and I set out on our own but were soon joined by a … [Read more…]

ADSL,, Linux Australia

Well Now that I have ADSL I will probably be doing more blogging and might actually get around to changing the decor in here. Saturday I got my ADSL router, set it up Sat arvo, wouldn’t work. DSL light flashing, no sync. Contacted ISP, said they’d log a fault report with Telstra. Rang them Monday, … [Read more…]


I’ve decided I’m going to submit a paper to speak at the main not just at the Education Miniconference. I’m going to make my paper a type of ‘Report From A Past Regional Delegate’. As I won the opportunity to go to this year’s Linux Conf in Canberra (look at previous posts) as part … [Read more…]