Colour Theory

This is the colour wheel I made for part of the colour theory module I studying at the moment. I handstitched every piece on it.

This’ll Be The Day That I Dye

These are back to front but it won’t matter Tied and dyed and dryingI’ve set up my laundry for dyeing!!! It’s great having a spot I don’t have to pack up. My lecturer Suzanne Gummow was saying last week if you don’t have a permanent place set up you won’t do any dyeing or sewing … [Read more…]

The Outsiders Art Festival & Other Creative Spaces

On facebook Dignity For Disability posted this: This fabulous art festival is truly inspiring, and a great opportunity for aspiring disabled artists. Put it in your diary, you won’t be disappointed! The Outsiders Festival – Adelaide 2010 will be held in September 2010. “…”outsider art”, consists of works produced by people who for various reasons … [Read more…]

Dyeing Fabric

This is a wrap around skirt I made last year at college. I dyed it back then but didn’t like it so I dyed it again, using rust dye, recently and left it out on the clothes line for about a week too. It doesn’t look good in this photo and I’m still not quite … [Read more…]

Extreme Craft

Extreme Craft “A compendium of art masquerading as craft, craft masquerading as art and craft extending its middle finger”. Found this Extreme Craft blog today all about creative reuse and homemade craft from all sorts of ‘stuff’. Apprently it’s very trendy at the moment. I didn’t realise I was so ‘in’ or ‘with it’. Haven’t … [Read more…]


A Butterfly Basket T H E T O Y M A K E R This is from the website of Marilyn Scott-Waters. Welcome to my odd, little world of paper toys, holiday cards, valentines, sun boxes, baskets and bags, origami and ephemera… all for you to make. My goal is to help grownups and kids … [Read more…]