Total Geek

The following was posted to the LinuxSA-talk list. “Not enough ingredients (or too many) and cannot work out what to have for dinner ? This works for me – have a look in the fridge and pantry and put the ingredients into your favorite search engine bread cheese milk tomato tuna + recipe and google … [Read more…]

The Murray Bridge

This is the original bridge over the river Murray at Murray Bridge. It was used as a footbridge, car and train bridge. There is now a separate train bridge and this is just used for cars, trucks etc.

Linux Australia’s People’s Choice Community Member Of The Year Award

I think this is fantastic, and well done Pascal!!! It’s great to hear about what young people are achieving in technology and open source! Media release: Canberra student to take on the world January 5, 2006 Linux Australia is pleased to announce Pascal Klein as the inaugural winner of the organisation’s People’s Choice Community Member … [Read more…]

AAhh Christmas And New Year Over :-)

I had a very nice Christmas and New Year. They were both fairly quiet celebrations with family and friends. I had a week off work between Christmas and New Year (except for trying to fix a client’s WinNT4 computer). I’ll be having a few more days off here and there before school goes back at … [Read more…]


Genealogy has been a big online craze for a long time but I’ve never really been into it until now. One of my students came across This site has information about people who settled in South Australia. The database search only works with Internet Explorer and even then it sometimes crashes it. From there … [Read more…]