Sharing Family History With My Grandchildren-Burra, South Australia

Inside Redruth Gaol, Burra, South Australia

We recently went to Burra, South Australia. It is about 2 hours from my home in Adelaide, South Australia. Burra is renowned for its copper deposits and the Cornish people who came to South Australia to mine it.

My Cornish Scadden ancestors did things a bit differently from others who came to South Australia. They were miners but they came later than the main influx of immigrants and chose occupations other than mining when they got here.

My Wigley ancestors from Nottinghamshire came to Burra to work in the mines however when gold was discovered in Victoria, Australia they moved there and settled in Bendigo. Here is my blog post about our visit to Bendigo.

Catherine Daglish nee Plunkett (my 2x great Aunt) was born in Ireland and came to South Australia with her family when she was very young. In 1880 records show that she was sent to Redruth Gaol for idle and disorderly conduct. She was sentenced to fourteen days hard labour. There is a lot more to Catherine’s story which I may cover in another blog post.

Newspaper Clipping from The Areas Express
Redruth Gaol, Burra, inside one of the exercise yards

I didn’t go into details about why Catherine was in gaol but my oldest grandson Mr 8 understood that it was an awful place to be, even for a short time.

Gaol Layout, download and zoom in on the photo for greater detail

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