Sharing Family History With My Grandchildren – Bendigo, Victoria

Poppet Head of the Central Deborah Mine
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

On a recent trip to Bendigo we visited the Central Deborah Mine and Museum to show my grandchildren a little bit about what mining was like there. We were unable to go underground but explored the above ground exhibits and parts of the old mine buildings above ground thoroughly.

My Wigley ancestors went from Nottinghamshire, England to Burra, South Australia and then to Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. In Bendigo they worked at many different mines and in different jobs.

Central Deborah Museum Trying Out The Drills

The kids were fascinated by all the mine equipment.

Central Deborah Mine Museum

Outdoors at the Central Deborah Mine Museum

As well as visiting places of family significance the grand kids like looking at our family tree too because they can see where they fit into the family. They also like the photos of the family members they know and the older photos of the ones they don’t know. I try and keep the family stories I tell them short and to the point.

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