Passenger Lists For South Australia


Finding when your ancestors migrated to South Australia can be a hit and miss affair. This is relating to those who came to South Australia from around the world or from elsewhere in Australia. There are many websites with passenger lists for ships arriving in South Australia. You may know several of them but not necessarily all of them so if your ancestors were on a ship which isn’t recorded on your favourite genealogy websites then you won’t find them.

Many wonderful volunteer created, commercial and government websites have a range of passenger lists but there isn’t one definitive site, so you need to check all of the sites possible.

I’ve created a list of the websites I know of which have passenger lists for South Australia. Passenger Lists For South Australia

*Thanks to those who have contacted me I’ve had updates already! Please download the new, updated list above.

The sites I’ve included in the list aren’t all exclusively for South Australia but have some content relevant to South Australia.

Please download the list and keep it in your genealogy resources and if you know of any more sites with passenger information please let me know so that I can add them to the list.

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