1. Interesting but sad post Kylie. The brutality of the system in an attempt to keep the workers in line was extraordinary.
    The image of the family tree was helpful with visualising the relationships and I liked seeing the faces of people who had actually been there.
    And what great names you have to research!

  2. admin

    Thanks Jen. It’s awful when you read the full story of the revolution. It’s been 200 years this year since it happened. I’ve printed out this and my previous post about James Wigley to take to my family Christmas gathering. They will be fascinated. Merry Christmas! Kylie

  3. Great post, but so sad that they got sentenced to death with others transported or imprisonment simply for standing up for their rights. One of my reli’s was sentenced to death for a similar thing, but ended up being transported instead.

  4. admin

    Yes it is, they were all scapegoats made an example of so that others wouldn’t try the same thing. It was the last armed rebellion in England, although you could barely call it ‘armed’ as they had mostly farm implements.


  5. kira0030

    Hi Joanne, you would be a closer relative than me then. Are you researching your family history? Kind regards, Kylie

  6. Jill

    Hello, my maiden name is also Ludlam, very interesting research, are you going to continue to research this subject, regards Jill

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