1. Jane O'Halloran

    Thankyou, I have just started looking for info about Great Grandmother and found an old painting signed by her sister, as Annie Basse.
    My Great Grandmother was Lina, married William Gibbon Walker, and they spent years surveying in N.S.W.
    There were stories about Great Aunt Annie and various bits of her jewellery have been handed down in the family.
    I have a recollection that they had a brother.
    Are there any records for him, a Uhlmann? thanks, Jane O’Halloran

  2. admin

    Hi Jane
    The Chapmans, Basses, Uhlmanns and Burings were all part of the Unitarian Church in Adelaide. That is where my great grandparents met Nellie Chapman and Oscar Buring. Oscar’s father Rudolph worked for Heinrich Christian Uhlmann, Annie and Lina’s father.
    I’ll send you some more information via email.


  3. Catherine Hughes

    I am over from the UK and today I am going to Macclesfield to see if I can find evidence of Matthew Linn 4 X uncle ,brother of my 4 X grandfather. He came to SA in the mid 1800’s with his wife Margaret (Dick) Linn and their children. I see from your blog that the Linn’s attended your 3 X grandfathers funeral. Interesting

    • Shane Conlin

      Hi Catherine, I have just come across this post. I live in Adelaide and have some information on the Linn’s in Macclesfield. How did you go with your research?

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