What Kind of Genealogist Are You?

I came across this fun blog post, What Kind of Genealogist Are You?,  today on Facebook via Gould Genealogy.

My husband and I are very different genealogists. I love research. I love the challenge of the hunt, the mystery waiting to be solved. I’ll research anyone’s ancestry just to have the thrill of following the clues. I just love solving the puzzle. Of course I also love finding my own ancestors! by Lorine McGinnis Schultz

Lorine writes about several types of genealogist, I think I am a Hunter/Detective and a bit of an Analyser too.  I would like to be more of a Planner and completing the University of Tasmania’s Introduction to Family History has certainly helped me and pointed me in the right direction.


Read Lorine’s blog post and choose what kind of genealogist you are.

Credit: Image is from Pixabay with License: CC0 Public Domain

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