1. Wonderful resue work, Kylie. How sad that this treasure was at a market and how fortunate that you came along to rescue it.

    I do hope that you find some family members who might treasure it otherwise will you give it to the State Library, a museum or a family history society?

  2. Another kind deed, Kylie… I hope the possible contact mentioned on Australian Genealogy is part of the family. How sad that these albums end up in markets or second hand shops… but lovely that some are reunited with families. Thank you for your efforts…

  3. Nicholas jones

    Hello. My name is Nicholas Kelvin Jones and I am the great grandson of Florence Jane Cornell who is the sister to Fredrick William Cornell and aunt to Elizabeth Rachael Cornell, her sister Jennifer and her brothers David and Jonathon and this is just the start 🙂 I am thrilled that you have recovered this album. I really would love to see it as I am currently trying to piece together our vast family history.

    • admin

      Hi Nicholas
      Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great to hear from a relative of Elizabeth’s. I’ll send you an email.


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