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I’ve taken some time before writing this, to remember and to grieve.  I miss my friend Catherine Crout-Habel and this is my tribute.  I’m reading other people’s blog tributes and this is proving harder to write than I thought it would be.


I met Catherine through our mutual love of genealogy and blogging.  We soon found that we shared a passion for teaching, remembering, recording and saving history also.  We commented on each others blog posts but this one I remember especially.  Here is the post  “Trapped” and then our comments.


I worked with Catherine on Saving Graves South Australia to inform the public of the re-use of graves in South Australia.  Here is an early newspaper article Catherine did. The Financial Cost of Resting in Peace

For a small group of concerned South Australians, the recent creation of South Australia’s Burial and Cremation Act has failed to solve one very important issue – the right for a person to eternally rest in peace.”

We also made this website Saving Graves Australia and we have a Facebook Group.  I am continuing the work Catherine began with the able assistance and friendship of Phil Beames.

Catherine and I were both members of Genealogists for Families a group on Kiva which makes loans to borrowers all over the world to expand their small businesses, support their families, save for the future and raise themselves out of poverty.  Today I dedicated this loan to Catherine.  Fatima is a teacher in Nicaragua.

Here is one of Catherine’s Friday Funny posts from Facebook.  I loved her sense of humour.



We both loved the TV show Time Team and when Professor Mick Aston passed away, 24 Jun 2013, we shared our favourite memories of Mick and our favourite episodes.  Mick was famous on the show not only for his brilliant archaeology but also his bright stripey jumpers and hats.  I made two hats in honour of Professor Mick one for myself and one for Catherine which she loved.  When I wear my stripey hat I’ll think of you and Professor Mick.

Catherine’s second to last blog post in April again shows her great sense of humour, being able to make jokes about her illness.

“However I am “on the mend” and just wanted to let my blogging friends and regular readers know that I haven’t “fallen off the twig” yet… Lucky me, eh?…  As my energy returns I will catch up on reading your blogs which I’ve missed terribly.”

Now you’ve gone and I still had so much left that I wanted to say.  I’ll visit your grave and we can have a chat one day soon.  When you “fell” I pray it was a soft landing!!


  1. Phil Beames

    Kylie, this is a beautiful tribute to our friend, Catherine, that you have compiled here. I can see where the two of you over the years must have shared some ‘special’ moments, a few of which you have listed here. I am truly honoured to be able to continue the work that Catherine began in ‘Saving Graves – South Australia’, together, with your able assistance and valued friendship, working together we can do ‘it’. On a lighter note, when you visit Enfield Cemetery, Noblett Garden, BeamB, Row J, Plot 3, you should wear the ‘stripey hat’, this surely would put a smile to Catherine. Cheers for now…….

  2. What a lovely tribute to your friend Catherine…how fortunate you were to know her in real life. Even in her blog posts she was larger than life and full of Aussie humour, as well her as her commitment to ideas and principles. She may have said “fallen off the twig” but I prefer to think of her taking off like a magpie and singing it’s very Aussie song.

    • Anne

      I love the image that Pauleen conjured up of a magpie singing. I was very shocked to read of Catherine’s demise and appreciated collaborating with both of you on Saving Graves. I appreciated her passion for the cause and her preparedness to follow through with politicians about the legislation.
      Best wishes

  3. admin

    Thanks Pauleen. That’s a lovely thought picture ‘taking off like a magpie’ and warbling their magpie song!

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