1. Uncle Rick

    Dear Kylie,

    Thankyou so much for the piccie. Yours is so great a task for the family that none of us, in our timidity, will ever be able to thank you for the effort.

    Another Charles eh! We’re and enduring breed! I trust Melissa’s ‘Charley’ will be informed of the lineage!! (If she doesn’t already know!)

    He’s got the face though, hasn’t he? Ask your Mum to show you some photos of your Grandfather as a younger man. Perhaps not a spitting image, but certainly the family resemblance.

    2x great uncle? Being an Uncle at such a young age (Tricia when I was eleven) confuses me occasionally. I am of course your Uncle, Douglas and Jessica’s great Uncle and Josiah’s great great Uncle. Would this make Charles Noah your great great great Uncle? Please advise? Perhaps I don’t wish to be so old!!!

    Oh! Please remind Michael that your Grandfather was a Mason and Worshipful Master of his Lodge in the early Fifties. (You have the details as I recall) The ‘Odd Fellow’ he refers to, has been in the family much more recently than he seems to believe.

    Always a pleasure Kylie, I remain,

    a most appreciative,

    Uncle Rick,


  2. Uncle Rick

    Dear Kylie,

    I should have noticed before from the title in the Photograph! It seems that Uncle Charles Noah was a member of the Independent Order Of Oddfellows. If this ties in with the Mason’s, I really don’t know?

    The Mason’s like to ‘preach’ that they are not a ‘Secret Society’ but a ‘Society with Secrets’. A plausible comment!! And one to maintain their exclusivity over the ages. I respect their individuality!

    I, apparently, would have been a ‘shoe in’ for membership, given Dad’s involvement, and actually have been approached.

    However, the overriding condition of membership is that one must believe in a supreme being. Not a religious being and never having believed, I don’t qualify!

    Never mind! I believe the RSL appreciates my input!

    In this vein I think I’m continuing the tradition of your Grandfather, (your Grandmother described as the perennial volunteer) by doing the best I can for the community which I am best able to serve.

    Love you,

    Uncle Rick,


  3. admin

    Charles Noah is your great uncle so my great, great uncle. A lot of us have the same chin as him too. I don’t know much about the lodges so it’s something I will be researching. I love the volunteering streak throughout the family so now I know where it comes from!!

    Love Kylie 🙂

  4. Mum

    How lovely to be sent the original photo for your very own. As Rick says, I can’t thank you enough for doing all this research, it is so interesting but so far beyond what I would do, so salaams etc. for your efforts.

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