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I saw this post on Facebook by Alona from Gould Genealogy and thought it would make a good blog post.

While we all think about writing our own history, few of us actually sit down to do so, as it’s not an easy thing to do.

But rather than writing a book, why not write Life Notes! Break it down into topics or lists, and just write down things like the houses you lived in, the various cars you owned over time, the places you went for holidays and the pets you had and so on … and then even if your book never gets written, the information has been preserved.

I’m starting with some of the homes I’ve lived in.

16 Jenny Ave, Dernancourt, Adelaide, South Australia. 1969 – 1973.


This is what it looks like now but it’s not greatly different from 1969 just the garden is more developed and the fence is different.

Corner of Flaxley Rd and Strathalbyn Rd, Flaxley, South Australia. 1973 – 1987

Flaxley Corner

This photo was taken circa 1986-87

If you click on the picture to see it bigger you can just see under the peeling paint where a previous owner had painted Flaxley Corner on the roof.

Flaxley Corner 2014

Flaxley Corner in 2013, to me it’s now unrecognisable as the house I grew up in.

This picture is of the opposite side of the house from the one above.

Uno Station, near Iron Knob, South Australia.  Governess job 1987.

Uno Station Homestead circa 1986

Uno Station Homestead 1987

Map of Uno Station

Map Showing Uno Station Homestead, Uno Range, Lake Gilles and the start of the Gawler Ranges.

Flinders Island, South Australia. Governess job 1987.

Flinders Island view from the house

Flinders Island, view from the house.

Aerial view of Flinders Island homestead

Aerial view of Flinders Island homestead 2013  Google Maps.

Callanna Station, near Marree, South Australia.  Governess job 1987.

Callanna Station Homestead

Callanna Station Homestead

Callanna Station

Callanna Station homestead is towards the bottom left hand corner of the map.

Cawkers Well Station, near Wilcannia, New South Wales, Australia. Governess job 1988.

Cawkers Well Station

Cawkers Well homestead is right in the middle of the map

Hood St, Wilcannia, New South Wales, Australia 1988.  I worked at the local school.  It was at this house I learnt to chop wood for my wood stove which I used for heating and cooking.

Hood St Wilcannia


  1. Will

    I live in the Flaxley house, do you have any history on it I would love to learn more as it was a a petrol station thanks

  2. kira0030

    Hi Will
    Yes as far as I know the petrol tanks would still be there, Strathalbyn Rd side between the house and the stobie pole on the corner. I don’t know what years it was a petrol station. It was a post office when we moved there and then it was down graded to a community mail bag. My parents provided the mail service while we lived there. Then it was shifted to its current location. Mt Barker Local History Centre has an online searchable database which you can search for more information. The history centre is at the Mt Barker library where you may be able to find an article my Mum wrote about some of the history of the house. Trove may have some information too. All the best with your research.
    Kylie Willison

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