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I belong to a Local Exchange Trading System otherwise known as LETS. Members buy and sell goods and services for units instead of cash.

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I decided to offer my services as a researcher to anyone who would like a hand with their family tree or would like research done for them.  I’m currently doing research for two people and will be starting some for a third person soon.


I love the excitement and discoveries when starting a new tree.  Here are some of the things I’ve found so far.

I’ve been researching an English architect and came across the Royal Institute of British Architects.  They have a comprehensive database of architects which includes some biographical data.  I’ve emailed them and will be ordering some documents soon.

In another family I’m researching I found on a marriage registration in Victoria, Australia that the bride was born in Adelaide, South Australia.  This discovery led to finding her birth record, the names of her parents and from there a branch of the family leading back to the Scottish Highlands.  In researching this family I came across the Royal Commission On The Ancient And Historical Monuments Of Scotland (RCAHMS) website.

Canmore is the heart of the RCAHMS archive, providing searchable, map-based information on buildings and archaeological sites throughout Scotland.

If you have the name of a house or property in Scotland you can search for it on this website and find out where it was, what parish it was in, the current and former name of the district and the county.  On a marriage certificate I had a place name which Google Maps couldn’t locate so I tried it on this site.

Map of Cawderg area and location details

I don’t know for sure if this is the right place yet so I’ll keep looking for other sources to disprove or confirm it.

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